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Simpod Introduces Memory Controller Model

Santa Clara, California, March 20, 2000, IP2000 Conference- Simpod Inc. (Santa, Clara, CA, USA), an EDA company focused on hardware modeling for improving the verification of electronic systems, today announced that the Company is introducing a new model for Motorola's MPC107 PCI Bridge/Integrated Memory Controller for use with its DeskPOD™ modeling unit. The model is shipping and currently being used by a customer to verify an ASIC design.

Simpod models combine the accuracy demanded by hardware engineers and the performance and ease of use required by software engineers with full functionality and complete software debugging capability through popular debuggers.

Price and Availability
The Simpod modeling unit, DeskPOD, is available now. Pricing begins at $30,000 (USD). Models are available for the following Motorola devices: MPC850/60, MPC8260, MPC603e, MPC740/50, MPC7400, MC68331, and MPC107.

About DeskPOD
The DeskPOD hardware-modeling unit supports up to 450 fully programmable signals that are connected between a digital device and a logic simulation environment. DeskPOD delivers unprecedented performance and accuracy for complex digital devices such as microprocessors, bus interface components, system controllers, and networking interface chips. Unlike other modeling technologies, DeskPOD models are created in days instead of months or years. Multiple DeskPOD units can be incorporated into the verification process to deliver a complete board or system simulation environment. DeskPOD models are tightly coupled with today's most popular logic simulators and used with popular software debuggers to provide a true HW/SW co-verification solution.

About the Motorola Memory Controller Model
The MPC107 PCI Bridge/Integrated Memory Controller provides a bridge between the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus and PowerPC 603e™, PowerPC 740™, PowerPC 750™ or MPC7400 microprocessors. PCI support allows system designers to design systems quickly using peripherals already designed for PCI and the other standard interfaces available in the personal computer hardware environment. The MPC107 provides many of the other necessities for embedded applications including a high-performance memory controller and dual processor support, 2-channel flexible DMA controller, an interrupt controller, an I2O-ready message unit, an inter-integrated circuit controller (I2C), and low skew clock drivers. The MPC107 contains an Embedded Programmable Interrupt Controller (EPIC) featuring five hardware interrupts as well as sixteen serial interrupts along with four timers. The MPC107 uses an advanced, 2.5-volt HiP3 process technology and is fully compatible with TTL devices.

About Simpod Inc.
Simpod offers a new generation of high-performance modeling systems for use in the design and verification of digital electronic systems. The Company's technologies are incorporated in the DeskPOD product for use in design and verification of embedded systems and SoC designs. More information about the company and its products can be found at


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DMA   Application Specific Integrated Circuit
EDA   Electronic Design Automation
EPIC   Hardware Description Language
HW/SW   Hardware and Software
PCI   Peripheral Component Interconnect
SoC   Systems-on-Chip
TTL   Transistor-Transistor Logic

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