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Simpod delivering Motorola MPC850 and MPC860 Simulation Models

Co-Verification with Cycle accurate, Bus Functional and Instruction Set Models

Santa Clara, California, April 5, 1999- Simpod, Inc. today announced support for the Motorola MPC860 and MPC850 families of integrated PowerPCTM processors for use with the company's DeskPODTM modeling system. Both hardware and software development teams can take advantage of the model's accuracy and high performance available by using the actual MPC860 and MPC850 devices in the DeskPOD modeler. Embedded system designers can now rely on a single model for design co-verification, with the DeskPOD system supporting cycle accurate, bus functional and instruction set models of the MPC860 and MPC850 device families.

Design teams have traditionally relied on numerous model representations, including Register Transfer Level (RTL), Bus Functional Models (BFM) and Instruction Set Simulation (ISS), dependent on whether they were developing hardware or software. With no one model satisfying the needs of both development teams, co-verification was not possible. "Product development groups are pushing the limits of the existing modeling methods, with inaccurate and slow models resulting in costly design iterations and delayed schedules," said Richard Curtin, CEO of Simpod. "Design teams using the Motorola integrated PowerPC processor families can now get immediate access to the most accurate MPC860/MPC850 models with DeskPOD, enabling a high performance co-verification environment for both the hardware and software developer."

"The MPC860 and MPC850 families are true systems on chip (SOC), integrating a PowerPC microprocessor, a communications processing module and a system interface unit," said Mike Shoemake, program manager for the MPC860 PowerQUICCTM product line. "The support of the MPC860 and MPC850 families by Simpod adds a new alternative for our customers looking to shorten their development schedules."

Co-Verification with DeskPOD
Hardware design teams can directly access the MPC860 and MPC850 devices from their Hardware Description Language (HDL) simulators. Today, DeskPOD models can be used with HDL simulators, including Synopsys (NASDAQ: SNPS) VCS, Cadence (NYSE: CDN) Verilog-XL and NC-Verilog, and the ModelSim simulator from Model Technology, a division of Mentor Graphics (NASDAQ: MENT). The DeskPOD MPC860 and MPC850 models deliver cycle accurate pin information directly to the other elements within the system-level simulation model. Verification teams can run actual MPC860/850 code with DeskPOD, while co-simulating with the rest of the HDL-based system model.

Software development teams can now utilize the DeskPOD MPC8xx models with software debugging tools through Simpod's support of the Background Debug Mode (BDM) from Motorola. Software debuggers supported today include MPC8BUG from Motorola and the GNU GDB system.

The DeskPOD system supports the MPC860, MPC850 and MC683xx family of processors from Motorola (NYSE: MOT)

About the DeskPOD
Packaged in a convenient desktop format, the DeskPODTM modeling family supports up to 608 fully programmable I/O signals to connect between the digital sub-system and the simulation development environment. Application Programming Interfaces (API) support HDL-based simulators, as well as embedded software development tools. Multiple DeskPOD units can be incorporated in a system level simulation model, providing a scalable modeling resource for design and verification.

Devices supported by DeskPOD include standard processors and embedded cores. A complete list is available upon request. DeskPOD systems are available within four weeks from receipt of order, with list prices starting from $25,000.

About Motorola
As the world's #1 producer of embedded processors, Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector offers multiple DigitalDNATM solutions that enable its customers in the consumer, networking and computing, transportation and wireless communications markets to create new business opportunities.

About Simpod Inc.
Simpod offers a new generation of high-performance modeling systems for use in the design and verification of digital electronic systems. The Company's technologies are incorporated in the DeskPOD product for use in design and verification of embedded systems and SoC designs. More information about the company and its products can be found at


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