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06-14-2001 Simpod Delivers a Co-Verification Solution for the Motorola MPC7450 PowerPC™ Microprocessor
DeskPOD utilizes Motorola MPC7450 silicon to provide a cycle-accurate model for use with Verilog and VHDL simulators and interfaces with the GNU Debugger to provide a software development environment based on simulation netlist.
09-26-2000 Model for the Motorola MPC7410 PowerPC
Support for the Motorola MPC7410 PowerPC microprocessor for use with Simpod's DeskPOD modeling system was announced today
05-15-2000 Embedded System Improvement and ASIC Design Verification
From the requests of networking customers who need more capacity and higher performance, Simpod upgrades its modeling hardware to improve embedded system and ASIC design verification
05-20-2000 Memory Controller Model Introduced
Simpod introduced a new model for Motorola's MPC107 PCI Bridge/Integrated Memory Controller for use with its DeskPOD modeling unit
02-01-2000 Simpod Delivers Co-Verification for the PowerPC
Simpod announced support for the Motorola MPC7400 PowerPC microprocessor for use with the Company's DeskPOD modeling system
10-22-1999 Simpod expands PowerPC family of simulation models
Simpod expands PowerPC family of cycle accurate, high performance simulation models Motorola PowerPC Microprocessors including MPC8260 PowerQUICC II MPC603e and MPC740/50
04-05-1999 Simpod delivering Motorola MPC850 and MPC860 Simulation Models
Co-Verification with Cycle accurate, Bus Functional and Instruction Set Models
09-08-1998 Model Available for New NEC 64-bit VR5464 RISC
Solution Enables Early IP Validation and Integration for Embedded and SOC Designers
06-15-1998 Support For Sandcraft Microprocessor IP
SandCraft Employs DeskPOD 200 for Internal Functional Testing
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