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Today, SoC's are a complex integration of hardware and software that existing verification methodologies do not adequately address

The DeskPOD system bridges logic simulator, FPGA prototype, software debugger and production tester to provide integration from design through to the test floor.

Enhanced FPGA Prototyping

  • Linked FPGA prototype and Verilog mix simulation and emulation
  • Methodical approach to bringing up the FPGA prototype board
  • Customizable prototype add components and "cable-in" to your evaluation board
Enhanced Co-Verification
  • Linked Debugger and Verilog mix simulation and silicon
  • Early access to the target hardware drive hardware debug with software
  • True co-verification tradeoff hardware/software before the hardware is complete
Enhanced Silicon Validation
  • Linked Silicon and Verilog verification test bench validates prototype silicon
  • Production test programs derived directly from the simulation test bench
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