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DeskPOD Units

The DeskPOD system bridges logic simulation, FPGA prototype or actual silicon and the software debugger. DeskPOD can be used to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of FPGA prototyping,
  • Enable hardware/software coverification of systems with SoC's and standard components
  • Simplify silicon validation and test program preparation
DeskPOD Configurations
There are three versions of DeskPOD system. You can upgrade and the adaptor boards are interchangeable.

DeskPOD Standard (FPGA prototyping only). You have access to customizable adaptor cards.

DeskPOD Enhanced (FPGA prototyping only) DeskPOD Standard plus a network connection. This allows for shared access to the prototype and facilitates data management

DeskPOD Professional This system provides everything you get with the DeskPOD Enhanced plus interoperability with simulators and other applications. This allows you to utilize the prototype before the design is complete. When you have your prototype silicon back from the fab, you can retarget the DeskPOD system to become a desktop tester.

More information:

DeskPOD System Overview  [pdf]
 Download DeskPOD-Systems data sheet

DeskPOD Functional Overview  [pdf]
 Download DeskPODII data sheet

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