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Hardware/Software Co-verification

Hardware/Software coverification allows software applications to find hardware bugs or limitations before the hardware is complete. The DeskPOD system allows software and hardware to interact before the hardware is complete to enable the optimum tradeoffs to be made

Deskpod connects and communicates with a simulator and a debugger

The DeskPOD system has a unique ability to disengage from the simulator (for example, when the processor is accessing memory) when activity doesn't involve anything in simulation. This enables sufficient run-time performance to enable the software engineers to run software debuggers effectively.

The DeskPOD system supports a number of standard processors and can be readily adapted to new or proprietary silicon.

RTOS Integration

The integration of a real time kernel with newly designed hardware is a laborious and time consuming task - often performed toward the end of the project, when time is scarce.

DeskPOD allows you to start your integration and software testing BEFORE committing your hardware to manufacturing.

In addition, you will be using the SAME set of software development tools along the entire project, regardless of whether your hardware is real or virtual

More information:

DeskPOD Datasheet  [pdf]
 General overview of the DeskPOD system and the applications in which it can be used

PowerPC datasheet  [pdf]
 SDescribes DeskPOD support for the PowerPC family of processors

Current MIPS datasheet  [pdf]
 Specifics on DeskPOD solutions for MIPS and a list of supported devices.

Current ARC datasheet  [pdf]
 Specifics on DeskPOD solutions for ARC and a description of the interface to ARChitect.

HW/SW Co-verification Backgrounder  [pdf]
 Download HW/SW Co-verification Backgrounder

Benefits of HW/SW Co-verification  [pdf]
  Download Benefits of HW/SW Co-verification

Why is My Hw/Sw Co-verification Slow   [pdf]
 Tackling Performance Problems in Hw/Sw Co-verification Applications

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