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Adaptor Boards

DeskPOD adaptor boards provide a range of capabilities and can be customized directly or by adding daughter cards. You can use them with the DeskPOD system or standalone

Single FPGA Board: This board enables you to select a single Xilinx XC2VX000 FPGA and use it to start prototyping. The board supports multiple clock frequencies and memory.

Multiple FPGA Board: This board enables you to select up to six Xilinx XC2VX000 FPGA's in two standard configurations.

Silicon Modeling board: If you want to model a standard component (µP, DSP or a previous generation design), the DeskPOD system can become a hardware modeler linked to your simulator and FPGA prototype. This board can also be used to validate the silicon prototype with your verification test bench.

Daughter Cards: If you want additional components, you can have a customized adaptor card. The main adaptor board supports up to two daughter boards.

Cable-in Board: If you want to cable-in to your final evaluation board, you can use this board and connector set.

More information:

DeskPOD System Overview  [pdf]
 Download DeskPOD System overview

DeskPOD Functional Overview  [pdf]
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