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  FPGA Prototyping

  HW/SW Co-Verification

  Silicon Validation

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  Adaptor boards

  Processor models

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Datasheets and White papers

DeskPOD Overview

DeskPOD Datasheet  [pdf]
 General overview of the DeskPOD system and the applications in which it can be used

Datasheet - DeskPOD Systems  [pdf]
 Describes the different DeskPOD systems and adaptor boards that are available. Ideal for somebody considering FPGA prototyping

FPGA Prototyping

Datasheet - Enhanced FPGA Prototyping  [pdf]
 Datasheet on how DeskPOD can be used to enhance FPGA prototyping

White paper - Enhanced FPGA Prototyping  [pdf]
 Overview of how the DeskPOD system enhances FPGA prototyping

DeskPOD FPGA system - data sheet   [pdf]
 Outlines the flow of creating the FPGA bitstream and linking it to simulation

Enhanced H/W S/W Coverification

PowerPC datasheet  [pdf]
 Describes DeskPOD support for the PowerPC family of processors

MIPS datasheet  [pdf]
 Describes DeskPOD support for the MIPS family of processors

Current ARC datasheet  [pdf]
 Describes how you can use an embedded ARC processor with the DeskPOD system

HW/SW Co-verification Backgrounder  [pdf]
  Hardware / Software Co-verification Backgrounder

Benefits of HW/SW Co-verification  [pdf]
  Benefits of HW/SW Co-verification

Verification of a PowerPC Multiprocessor Design  [pdf]
 Verification of a PowerPC Multiprocessor Design

Bus Functional Model for PowerPC  [pdf]
 A New Approach to Bus Functional Models

Integrating VxWorks in a simulated environment    [pdf]
  Co-verification of VxWorks RTOS on SOC with network interface.

Solving the Simulation Modeling Accuracy & Availability Crisis  [pdf]
 Solving the Simulation Modeling Accuracy and Availability Crisis.

Higher Level Languages or More Hardware?  [pdf]
 How should today's verification crisis be attacked?

Why is My Hw/Sw Co-verification Slow   [pdf]
 Tackling Performance Problems in Hw/Sw Co-verification Applications

Enhanced Silicon Validation

White paper - Enhanced Silicon Validation  [pdf]
  Describes how the DeskPOD system can be used to accelerate silicon prototype validation and preparation of test programs.

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