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Processor Support

Simpod provides unique modeling technology for industry standard processors. With the DeskPOD system you get more than a fast, accurate model, you have access to experts who can help get your design up and running quickly

Partnerships with Motorola and IBM enable new model availability soon after silicon is available.
PowerPC datasheet  [pdf]
 Specifics on DeskPOD PowerPC solution and a list of supported devices.

Verification of a PowerPC Multiprocessor Design  [pdf]
 Using DeskPOD for complex PowerPC verifcation.

Bus Functional Model for PowerPC  [pdf]
 Using DeskPOD as a Bus Functional Model (BFM) for PowerPC Designs.

Partnerships with silicon vendors such as QED and MIPS Technologies enable new model availability soon after silicon is available.
MIPS datasheet  [pdf]
 Specifics on DeskPOD solutions for MIPS and a list of supported devices.

An Automated process from ARChitect is available now. A complete implementation of your ARC configuration is now implemented into the FPGA of your choice
ARC datasheet  [pdf]
 Specifics on DeskPOD solutions for ARC and a description of the interface to ARChitect.

Simpod has developed models for many popular processor devices. Following is a partial list of models that are available:

Hitachi        SH7708S RISC Microcontroller
MMC        NP5400 AnyFlow 5400 Network Processor
MMC        EPIF105 Packet Processor
Motorola       MC68331 32-Bit Microcontroller
NEC        VR5432 64-BIT MIPS® RISC Microprocessor
NEC     VR5464 64-BIT MIPS® RISC Microprocessor
Philips   P80C31 Microcontroller
TI    TMS320C6201 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor

Creating a New DeskPOD Model

Simpod can create a model of your device in a fraction of the time it would take you to create even the simplest bus-functional model. The Simpod model will be accurate, fast, and can be used to verify your boot code and drivers early in the process instead of at the end of the design cycle.

Creating a new DeskPOD model is a three-step process

  1. Build the interface to the hardware.
  2. Map the logical and physical pins on the device and the simulation model.
  3. Create a simulation testbench to verify the device is functioning correctly
The whole process, from start to finish, generally requires no more than three to four weeks. So let Simpod help you with models for your next design, contact us for more information at

More information:

DeskPOD Datasheet  [pdf]
 General overview of the DeskPOD system and the applications in which it can be used

Datasheet - DeskPOD Systems  [pdf]
 Describes the different DeskPOD systems and adaptor boards that are available. Ideal for somebody considering FPGA prototyping

HW/SW Co-verification Backgrounder  [pdf]
  Hardware / Software Co-verification Backgrounder

Benefits of HW/SW Co-verification  [pdf]
  Benefits of HW/SW Co-verification

Why is My Hw/Sw Co-verification Slow   [pdf]
 Tackling Performance Problems in Hw/Sw Co-verification Applications

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