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Silicon Validation

The DeskPOD system is readily configured as a desktop tester capable of interacting with the simulation test bench. DeskPOD closes the gap between design and test and allows for a systematic approach to silicon validation and production test program creation.Simpod software simplifies the configuration of the DeskPOD system to your silicon device


  • Enables the verification test bench to drive the tests on the prototype silicon
  • Enables the production test programs to be derived directly from the simulation test bench
Having a low cost, easy to use tester that works with the verification test bench , saves hours of expensive tester time and reduces the time to validate the prototype. The DeskPOD system bridges silicon prototype, logic simulation and software debugging. This enables users to leverage the verification test bench and diagnostics software to validate the prototype silicon

As a result, silicon validation will be faster and release of evaluation boards to the end customers occurs sooner. This represents saving in engineering expenses and improved time to market.

Project phase Hardware Validation Software Validation DeskPOD benefit
Debug any gross functional errors Use the verification test bench for heartbeat and validate that there aren't any major errors. Use the basic software diagnostics to validate that the system functions normally. Test bench environment simplifies initial debug without expensive testers.
Full validation of the silicon prototype Use the full verification test bench to ensure that the silicon prototype passes all tests.

Any errors can readily be validated with the RTL design.

Run the applications software linked to the test bench. Don't wait for the evaluation board to be completed.

Easy to correlate bugs back to the hardware environment

DeskPOD enables users to utilize the test bench and the application software environments, therefore, more efficient correlation of hardware and software
Full validation of the whole system Use the link between software debugger and test bench to validate any last minute problems in the software testing. Flexibility to connect into the DeskPOD system only when debugging. The rest of the time, it can be standalone. DeskPOD allows you to select the best approach to debug you software and hardware and manages transition between the two environments

More information:

DeskPOD Datasheet  [pdf]
 General overview of the DeskPOD system and the applications in which it can be used

DeskPOD Silicon Validation White paper  [pdf]
 Download Enhanced-Silicon-Validation White paper

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