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The DeskPODTM System
The DeskPOD system bridges logic simulation, FPGA prototype or actual silicon and the software debugger.
Logic simulation, FPGA prototyping and Software debugger bridged DeskPOD can be used to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of FPGA prototyping,
  • Enable hardware/software coverification of systems with SoC's and standard components
  • Simplify silicon validation and test program preparation
The DeskPOD system allows hardware engineers to have fast and accurate simulation and software engineers to have early access to the target hardware.

You can also retarget the system to enhance the cost effectiveness of silicon prototype validation and test program preparation.

Attribute FPGA prototype Co-verification Silicon Validation
DeskPOD architecture allows multiple units to work in a single environment Large capacity.
Defer custom prototype board until required
Model proprietary silicon (uP) to provide early access to target hardware Retarget DeskPOD unit as a tester for silicon prototype validation
FPGA adaptor board Flexible, tested boards with support for two daughter cards Early access to the target hardware before RTL is complete  
Processor adaptor board   Reliable and fast simulation models using silicon  
Customizable adapter board Add components and "cable-in" to your evaluation board Build a realistic environment to test software  
Seamless link to simulation Control the prototype with the simulator Drive simulation from the software debugger Use the test bench to validate the silicon prototype
Seamless link to a software debugger Drive the prototype from the software debugger Use software to improve functional coverage  
Focused support Synthesis and partitioning expertise to optimize performance Training to configure the system to get up and running quickly Training to configure the adaptor for your prototype

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